Sermon Starters

Sermon Starters: Old Testament
Richard S. Dickson

The Hope of All Deferred, or It Rains on the Just, As Well As, the Unjust
Numbers 14

The choice of the people affected:

  1. Unrighteous/the grumblers

    1. 20 and up would die in the wilderness (v. 28-30a)
    2. the 10 died (v. 36-37)

  2. Righteous

    1. Moses and Aaron would not enter (v. 5)(see also Deut. 1:37)
    2. Caleb and Joshua who had seen the land would have to wait 40 years (v. 6,30)

  3. Their Children - would suffer (v. 31-33)

What Do These Stones Mean?
Joshua 4:6-7
Richard S. Dickson

  1. God's Power - able to stop the river (3:5, also 4:24)

  2. God's Provision - a way through the river (3:16-17, also 4:23)

  3. God's Presence (see 3:10)

A Way to Cross Over
Joshua 4:21-24
Richard S. Dickson

This message could go in different directions:
(1) Coming to difficulty, problem, life transition, etc., or
(2) Salvation message - crossing over from sin to salvation

  1. Cross over of exit - Red Sea (v.23)

  2. Cross over of entrance - Jordan River (v.23)

  3. Purpose is that:

    1. All may know (v.24)
    2. You may fear (v.24)
  4. The Cross (over from death to life) - Conclusion with invitation

And They Were Afraid
Luke 8:22-56
Richard S. Dickson

Questions to ask include:

  1. Obedience of Wind and Wave (v. 25)

  2. Healing of Demoniac (v. 35, 37)

  3. Healing of Hemorrhage (v. 47)

  4. Raising of Dead Girl (v. 50)

He That Is Able to Do
Ephesians 3:20-21
Richard S. Dickson

  1. What does He do?
    Exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think.

  2. How does He do it?
    According to the power that worketh in us.

  3. What is our response?
    Unto Him be glory.

Judas the Trader
Matthew 26:14-16
Richard S. Dickson
(Thanks Jim McCullen for the inspiration.)

  1. Judas traded a Friend for Financial Gain - John 15:13-15

  2. Judas traded a Master for Mammon/Money - Matthew 6:24

  3. Judas traded a Savior for Silver - Matthew 18:11

  4. Judas Final Trade - Christ's atonement for Self-atonement - Matthew 27:3-5

Conclusion: What do we trade Jesus for? And whose atonement are we trusting in?