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In Memoriam 1987-2003

Mindy blessed our lives for 16 years (March, 1987 - July 18, 2003). She was the middle child and, unfortunately, exhibited many middle-child traits. She liked to stay close and she wanted someone to go with her when she went outside. She certainly didn't like to stay out long before she was back at the door, ready to come back in. She didn't like thunderstorms, but her hearing had gotten so bad that loud noises didn't even phase her. And she loved to eat. In fact, we knew something was very wrong when she began turning her nose when we would try to get her to eat the last few days of her life. She also had some type of skin allergy and loved to roll on her back outside. Therefore she would get real dirty, and need a bath, but as one can tell she didn't enjoy it. Mindy was a black cocker spaniel.

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